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ABOUT aroshaliny

Aroshaliny Godfrey, is a Vancouver based Commercial Photographer. she has a unique talent for capturing the beauty and distinct qualities of food, product, and floral subjects. Her attention to detail and artistic flair results in visually captivating images that help businesses to promote their products and services. She specializes in lighting, composition, and editing, ensuring that every image is of the highest quality and tailored to meet the client's specific branding guidelines,

She currently provide photography services for product shoots, restaurants, advertisement campaigns for social media, as well as recipe development and advertising for local businesses. 

She is certified in creative product photography. 

and has been featured as 

For any further information feel free to contact via the contact page or send an email over to

Aroshaliny Godfrey Photography


I am so grateful I found AROSHALINY!!! She is talented, creative, patient and super nice and polite. Her attention to detail is superb and I am very happy with all the pictures she has taken for my website. Her service is excellent and she is a great person to work with. I am 100% satisfied and highly recommend her.

Ricardo, Kanata Soaps

Client - House of Yee
Client - Organika
Client - Shop Cake
Client - Ema Jewels
Client - Glutenull
Client - Kim Phung Vietnamese Restaurant
Client- Rawr Daily
Client - Roshni Wellness
Client - Hunter Browns
Client - Tintery
Client - Designer Blooms
Client - Arisu Korean Barbeque
Client - Kanata Soap
Client - Lita's Mexican Foods
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